Catholicism at the Movies

A series of seminars to promote the ways that religion (and Catholicism in particular) features in films across a range of genres. Each seminar will be illustrated with clips from movies (we can provide a screen, projector and sound if there isn’t one available) and may be accompanied by the optional screening of one particular film from that genre, perhaps at a separate time.

One: Catholicism in the Horror Movie: What constitutes horror and why? In what ways do Catholic imagery and beliefs feature in the horror genre? From classic horror films like “Dracula”, to modern interpretations like “Van Helsing”; films about ghosts or the su-pernatural like “The Sixth Sense”; and exorcism movies such as “The Rite”.

Two: Catholicism in Fantasy Cinema: In what ways can fantasy help us to enter into faith ideas? With reference to the Narnia films inspired by the stories of C.S. Lewis and “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” inspired by J.R.R. Tolkein, to more modern fantasy films such as the Superhero genre and magic realism.

Three: Catholicism—Bullet Holes & “Holy” Films: Where does God feature in the action movie? From gangster films to westerns, cop movies to revenge drama. We will look at the moral code and the rules of engagement as well as some overt examples of Catholic faith. Finally, we will look at more overtly faith-based films and how they present religion.

Additional Info

Film Analysis
Age Group:
Suitable for S1 – Adult
Space Required:
Classroom or hall
Audiovisual facilities
3 sessions. Each session should probably take about 90 minutes, including the opportunity for discussion but this can be adjusted to your needs. If the optional screening of an entire film is involved, this will add to the time involved as well. Preferred over 3 separate days.
Suggested Donation £100 for all three sessions