Faith-based arts opportunities in drama, film, art, poetry, workshops, seminars, events.

Welcome to AGAP’s new ongoing programme of faith-based arts activities aimed at children and young people, especially in schools across the Archdiocese. Here, you’ll find everything from one-off drama workshops and seminars to visiting performances and more long-term projects that unfold over several sessions.

In the spirit of Pope Francis and the New Evangelisation, we have tried to offer initiatives that stimulate engagement with popular culture—looking for Catholicism at the movies and in pop music as well as exploring the scriptures and the teachings of the Church.
As an Archdiocesan project, we don’t charge for the service that we offer but we need to survive so we’ve noted a suggested donation beside each and have tried to keep this to a minimum but fair reflection of the work involved.

All of the projects below were dreamed up by me because I’m enthusiastic about the subjects! They will be personally delivered by me, at times and dates throughout the year that we can agree upon. I hope to bring my experience as a qualified teacher of speech and drama and graduate in theatre, film & TV to whatever activity or project you choose.