AGAP Productions - THEATRE

AGAP makes a serious commitment to quality theatre production and drama experiences for people of all ages and abilities. Stephen Callaghan is the Artistic Director of AGAP Theatre, which produces plays and drama activities for the Archdiocese of Glasgow.

"Just back from the opening of The Margaret Sinclair story at Saint Patrick's Edinburgh and myself and my partner really loved it. Maryfrances Jennow's performance as Venerable Margaret Sinclair was superb as was the direction from Stephen Callaghan. This performance was really special as it really brings Margaret Sinclair to life, 100% worth going to see. Thanks for a wonderful performance. Our work has included touring theatre productions which involve people from across the Archdiocese of Glasgow as actors and participants. These have been received with great enthusiasm by people of various faiths and none as high quality theatre experiences and have been filmed for DVD release by AGAP.

We offer drama workshops and retreats for school children and young people on faith-based themes. These have included collaborative projects with school R.E. and Drama Departments, drama workshops at national youth events, Gospel based workshops for primary school children, including those with special needs.

AGAP Theatre also contributes to various other events with short dramatic presentations or reflections, which have included ecumenical events with Glasgow Churches Together and conferences. Additionally, we have represented the Catholic Church on the Steering Group for the Life of Jesus Christ outdoor community play in Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Park.