Glasgow’s Saint heads to Edinburgh!

Jean Byrne as the play's jester-like narrator, Fin (left) and Vincent Mellon, the show's musical director, as the minstrel, Brendan

AGAP’s hit play, ‘Mungo: Legend of Glasgow’s Saint’ heads East this August to be part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!  Following a hugely successful tour of Glasgow parishes during Lentfest 2018, the production is set to be performed at St Patrick’s Church, Cowgate but will stop off at two Glasgow venues on the way.

The play follows in the footsteps of previous AGAP hits, ‘Among Women’ and ‘The Margaret Sinclair Story’ which were performed at the Fringe in 2016.  The latter received a three-star review in The Scotsman and both plays were well-attended despite the fierce competition of the massive Fringe programme.

‘Mungo’ differs in terms of format – it’s a punchy, quirky folk tale supplemented by a fantastic musical input from traditional music performers, Heelster Gowdie – but also in terms of sheer scale.  The production has involved almost thirty people across it’s cast and crew, demonstrating community theatre at it’s very best – where everyone gets their hands dirty in terms of setting up the production.

“I think all of us are excited about taking this play to the Fringe,” said Stephen Callaghan, the writer/director, “and it’s good for AGAP performers to take something to a different stage.  In the past, we’ve been part of various festivals around Glasgow – such as The Merchant City Festival and the West End Festival – but there’s nothing quite like the atmosphere of the Fringe.”

“Mungo: Legend of Glasgow’s Saint” will be performed on Friday 13th July at 7.30pm in Our Lady and St George’s Hall, Penilee and on Saturday 14th July at 7.30pm in St Eunan’s Church Hall, Clydebank. Tickets are £5.00 available from AGAP on 0141 552 5527 or here or on the door.

Edinburgh Fringe performances are on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th August at 1.30pm in St Patrick’s Church, Cowgate. Tickets are £8.00 and £5.00, available from or on the door.

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