Developed for students of Seattle University studying Stephen Callaghan’s play, “The Martyrdom of Saint John Ogilvie”, this workshop encourages young people to reflect upon the volatile historical backdrop to the execution of the Jesuit priest in Glasgow in 1614. We will invite pupils to volunteer to enact scenes from the play and discuss the themes that arise from them (e.g. bigotry and religious freedom; power and politics in reformation Scotland; disguises and deception). Extracts from the play will be provided. Whilst it is not necessary, it would be helpful for the participants to have read the play in advance. The full printable text is available from for class use for just £12.

Target: P1-P4

Type: Drama/Literature/History

Development: Imagination, Literary Analysis, Performance

Space required: Classroom with open space.

Cost for Morning or Afternoon workshop = £40 per class group.

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