Who am I called to be? This is the question that every hero must answer and we all love superheroes! Let’s start off with the ones we know – like Batman, Spiderman and the Avengers…and build up to those superheroes that we meet in our everyday lives. Some superheroes can climb walls or even fly but what are our gifts and powers? Superman has his Kryptonite and the Hulk has serious anger problems but what are the weaknesses we ned to overcome? Every superhero is different but when the work together – like the Avengers or the Justice League, they can make their world a better place. What can we do to be of service and what does this have to do with God? This assembly-style workshop is a noisy, fun way to explore the theme of vocation with film clips, images and pauses for reflection. Afterwards, children have the chance to reflect upon what really makes a hero by undertaking a Superhero Art Challenge to design their own – so get pencils and paper ready for after this session!

Target: P4-P7

Type: Imagination/Creativity/Art

Development: Listening/Vocation/Talents/Creativity

Space required: Classroom or Assembly Hall with Audio Visual Facilities (in-class follow-up activity requires art materials)

1 hour workshop/assembly = £25

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