Saints are people, just like you and me, but God calls each one of us on an adventure of our own. Over a period  of eight weekly one hour workshops, pupils will work through a short play based on the life of one of the following Missionary Saints, using games, characterisation and workshop activities to explore the themes and leading to a performance, lasting around 20 minutes. The plays are written by Stephen Callaghan and were commissioned by Missio Scotland, aimed at children in P6/7 who are preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation.

  1. St Kateri Tekakwitha: The Native American who stood up to the people of her tribe to become a follower of Jesus.
  2. St Peter Claver: The young Jesuit priest who risked everything to fight the slave trade and bring the healing power of the sacraments to those living in slavery.
  3. St Mary (of the Cross) MacKillop: The fiery Australian nun with Scottish parents, who founded an order to educate the poor in Australia sometimes with great opposition.
  4. St Peter Calungsod: The young man who bravely taught the Gospel among his fellow Philippinos and was murdered by a vicious With Doctor along with a priest friend.
  5. St Paul Miki: The young Japanese Jesuit brother who fearlessly preached the Gospel of Jesus and was put to death on the cross by the authorities of his time.
  6. St Patrick: The young man who was kidnapped by slave traders and brought to Ireland where he was called by God to return there and preach the Gospel to the people.
  7. Saint Teresa of Calcutta: The tiny Albanian nun who became world-famous for her untiring work among the poor people of Calcutta in India and founded the Missionaries of Charity.
  8. Saint Augustine of Hippo: The wild boy who found God after many years and through the persistent prayers of his mother, Monica.
  9. St Charles Lwanga: The Cambodian servant who, along with his friends, defied a ruthless king to live out the m orals of his Christian faith and was put to death.
  10. St Columba: the young Irish monk who loved God but was a bit of a troublemaker and left Ireland to make amends for his sins but brought the Gospel to Scotland.
  11. St Rose of Lima: The beautiful young woman who wanted to be a nun but lived life as a hermit in her parents’ garden, helped the poor and taught us to offer up our sufferings.
  12. St Damian Molokai: The feisty young priest who wen to a leper colony in Hawaii and lived among the lepers, helping them to lives of Christian dignity, eventually dying as one of them.
  13. St Daniel Comboni: The passionate Italian priest and bishop who worked tirelessly in Africa, helping the poor and travelled across Europe to gather support from the wealthy.
  14. St Francis Xavier: The clever young student who lead a wild life but came to God through St Ignatius and brought the Gospel to the people of Japan.
  15. St Ignatius of Loyola: The soldier who found his way to God after an accident with a cannonball and became the founder of the Jesuit Order.

Target: P6/P7

Type: Drama/Imagination

Development: Performance & Team working Skills

Topics: Sacrament of Confirmation/Lives of Saints/Vocation

Space Required: large open space (e.g. gym hall or empty classroom)

Cost: £200 per class group for 8 weeks of 1 hour workshops

(£300 for 2 class groups – taken separately)

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