What’s your favourite animal? Whether it’s the mighty whale that gobbled up Jonah or Daniel’s encounter with the ferocious lion, the Bible is full of stories with animals. Using drama, movement, games and imagination, we’ll look at some of the following stories:

  • Noah and the Ark (God’s care for his wondrous creation: all shapes and sizes)
  • Jonah and the Whale (You can run, but you can’t hide: God’s sense of humour)
  • Eve and the Serpent (Good and Evil in the choices we make: God’s generosity vs. selfishness)
  • Daniel and the Lion (Trusting in God when you’re in a fix!)
  • Jesus and the Donkey (From Bethlehem to Jerusalem – the King of Kings travels in style)

Target: P1-P4

Type: Drama/Imagination/Storytelling

Development: Movement skills, team-working, creativity

Space required: Gym Hall or wide open classroom space

1 hour workshop = £25 per class group

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