A Panto-Nativity told by the Animals

Written and Directed by Stephen Callaghan

Join Oxie and Donkey for a journey through the Christmas story like you’ve never heard before. Packed with plenty of giggles, this Pantomime-style Nativity Play still manages to capture all the wonder and beauty of the best children’s story of all time. With traditional Christmas Carols that the children can join in with and a number of short scripted cameo parts for special guests (such as teachers, janitors or school chaplains) to take part. Bring the Christmas Story alive for your school this year. Early booking recommended.

Target P1-P7

Type: Performance

Development: Listening/Singing

Space required: Assembly Hall or wide open space. 

45 mins performance + 40 min set-up time = £75

Teachers will be sent the words to Christmas Carols in advance but these will be projected on the screen during the performance for the children to sing along. All  costumes for adult cameo roles will be provided and lines will be sent in advance. 

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