July: Going East for the Summer

This summer, I find myself engaged in two projects that will bring me to the country’s Capital for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. As a Glasgow boy, I would normally describe this move as travelling to the “Far East” but in fact, the chance to bring not just one but two productions to this international festival of arts and culture, is really quite exciting (and worth crossing the East/West divide for!).

I’ve been producing theatre for fourteen years now but, despite the promptings of others, I have never got round to bringing anything to the Fringe. This summer presents a unique and exciting opportunity for me and for AGAP – through which both of these productions came about.

The Archdiocese of St Andrew’s and Edinburgh contacted me to commission a new play based upon the life of Venerable Margaret Sinclair, whose remains are interred in St Patrick’s Church, High Street, and whose cause for Canonisation is currently being considered by the Vatican. It is an enormous privilege to be entrusted with this task and I am very honoured. I am also looking forward to working with AGAP veteran, Maryfrances Jennow, now 25 years old – who cut her acting teeth with AGAP in her late teens before studying acting and performance to a professional level. She is the perfect choice to play the part, even down to the fact that her name matches the religious name given to Margaret Sinclair when she became a Poor Clare (Sister Mary Frances of the Five Wounds).

In addition to this play being performed, I am also exciting about bringing our very successful production “Among Women” to the Fringe. Performances in Glasgow during Lentfest were very well received and most were packed! I feel that the play is perfect for the Fringe. The standard of acting, the technical arrangement and the running time of one hour are all suited to it. I congratulate the cast and crew on their hugely successful performances at the Eyre Hall and St Helen’s Church Hall this month.

Hopefully with the intercession of Venerable Margaret Sinclair and our Patron Saint, John Paul II, we can travel confidently into this new unknown territory and count on the support of our audiences.