Creative Director

Stephen Callaghan MA(Hons), LLCM(TD), ALCM

Stephen is an arts practitioner specialising in theatre. He graduated with Joint Honours in Theatre, Film and Television at the University of Glasgow in 2003, where he directed and acted in the Scottish premier productions of two plays written by the late Karol Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II). He received a letter of Apostolic Blessing from the Pope for his work on these productions (The Jeweller’s Shop [2003] and Radiation of Fatherhood [2004]) and was later invited to perform on tour at World Youth Day in Cologne, Germany in 2005. The success of both these productions, which played to capacity audiences and received world-wide media coverage, encouraged Stephen to work with Archbishop of Glasgow, Mario Conti on a strategy for the cultural development of the Archdiocese of Glasgow through the arts.

Before setting up AGAP with the blessing of Archbishop Conti, Stephen worked with a Glasgow-based theatre company which delivers workshops for children and adults with disabilities. He was assistant director of the pantomime at the Tron Theatre in 2004 and worked in the Education Department at BBC Scotland on schools television programmes.

He holds Licentiate and Associate diplomas in Speech and Drama Teaching from the London College of Music and Media and has performed the poetry of Robert Burns at and international level. As a teenager, he played the role of Dylan Geddes in the Scottish Television soap, Highroad, and appeared in a BBC children’s programme, Weekend Break, and in Taggart.

As director of AGAP, Stephen established the arts festival, LENTfest: An Imaginative Fusion of the Arts and Faith. He is the Artistic Director of AGAP Theatre, the branch of AGAP which produces plays for the Archdiocese. As a writer and director with AGAP Theatre, he had great success with various touring productions:

  • Passionate Voices (2007) – a the story of the Passion of Christ told by eye-witnesses in contemporary costume
  • Feet of Clay (2008) – a modern-day fusion of parables of Christ retold for today’s audience
  • PAUL (2009) – written for the Bi-Millennium of the Birth of Saint Paul 2008-09, an interpretation of the story of Saint Paul of Tarsus using multimedia, with original music by Erne Parkin
  • The Cure D’Ars: A Priest Forever (2010) – the story of Saint John Marie Vianney told by the Devil in the 21st Century during the Year for Priests 2009-10
  • Pure Dead Dangerous (2010) – a series of sketches and monologues exploring the issues surrounding End of Life Assistance and Euthanasia in response to the Scottish Parliament’s consultation on the End of Life Assistance Bill. Produced in collaboration with the Scottish Catholic Parliamentary Office
  • Going for Broke on Jesus: The Bob Park Story (2010) – based upon the biographical book by Robert Park, this play tells the story of a man whose life was devastated by alcoholism until he handed it over to Jesus and found himself on the road to recovery and remarkable acts of charity.
  • The Turnaround (2011) – the story of a young man realises the value of his life when he is rescued from a suicide attempt and turns his life around through volunteering at a soup kitchen for the homeless.
  • The Martyrdom of Saint John Ogilvie (2012) – a historical drama about the events surrounding the hanging of the Jesuit priest at Glasgow Cross in 1615.
  • The Pilgrimage (2013) – a story about five people from Glasgow whose lives cross when they end up in Lourdes on a pilgrimage.

Stephen is continually developing new writing, performance and workshop material for the Archdiocese of Glasgow Arts Project and regularly writes for the Archdiocese journal newspaper, Flourish.